Daring Greatly - Cronerstones (CD)


Daring Greatly - Cronerstones (CD)


Daring Greatly - 5 piece Classic Rock sound with “blood harmonies” provided by father, Dail Croome (bassist), and his sons, Patrick (acoustic guitar) and Liam Croome (keyboards) with friends Brayden Tario (drums) and Brandon Haddow (electric guitar) 

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Made possible by all those who participated in the "Daring To Dream Greatly" campaign. 

Recorded in San Clemente CA

Released June 25, 2016 

Music by Daring Greatly 
Lyrics by Daring Greatly 

For all tracks: 
Dail Croome - Lead and background Vocals / lyrics 
Patrick Croome - Lead and background vocals / Acoustic Guitar / lyrics 
Liam Croome - Lead and background vocals / keys / lyrics 
Brandon Haddow - Electric Guitar / lyrics 
Brayden Tario - Drums / lyrics 

Other musicians featured: 

Bass played by Jamie Moyer on songs; Shine, Big Things Are Comin, Reflections Of Me, Find Your Serenity, Save You From, Circles, Neverland, and Sometimes 

Bass played by Spencer Hinkle on songs; Against The Wall, Drive Of My Life, Find Your Serenity (Acoustic) and Don't Let Me Down 

Bongos/ Congos by Enrique Platas 

Co-producer/ Sound Engineer: Scott Ragotskie 
Mixing Engineer: Cedrick Courtois 
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - LA