A Collection of Stories of the Daring Greatly Community;

A tiny spark struggles to glow, but slowly, whirling in air, fueled by hope and carefully tended, it takes hold, growing brighter, stronger, until it erupts in an explosion, spreading it's comfort and light with all to which it comes in contact.  

And so it is in the nurturing, soulful, radiant harmonies and melodies that warm our hearts and heal our worldly hurts, if even for moments, and connect us to something deep, tribal... heart by heart, to each other. 

The music and the message of Daring Greatly started with a single small spark--an idea to live authentically, fearlessly, to dare greatly, and to fall in love with as many things possible. That spark has taken hold, the fire within us spreading. 

This blog, SHINE ON, is our campfire. And these are the real stories told--huddled around it's warmth and energy, sharing in it's light-- the connections of The Daring Greatly Community.

Please tell us your story...