DG Teases New Music Video and Upcoming Single, Launches Fan Funding Campaign



We've gained incredible support since we started this journey five years ago, and through the support of people like you, we have been able to pursue our dream of bringing quality live music to listeners across Canada, the Western U.S. and Baja, California, Mexico. We have two albums of original music under our belts. The first, "Cornerstones," released in 2016, and "Works of Art" in 2017, both self-produced and funded from the help of our fans. Our dream is to keep touring "one town at a time " spreading a message of joy, positivity and giving back to humanity and the world, around North America, around the globe.

We've been working hard during our "Give Myself to the World" Spring/Summer 2019 Tour (June-September), creating new material for our third-coming Daring Greatly album.  We are so excited to announce the launch of our fully inclusive fan-funding campaign, and we'd love for you to be a part of the album release process from the very start. Our target for completion is Spring 2020! 

Now, we are at the critical point of releasing our newest single and official music video for "Give Myself to the World," to be released directly following our Southern California homecoming show September 15th at the Belly Up. Tickets can be purchased here for this show.

WATCH the official teaser below:


As is our nature, we "dare greatly," running toward the fire--the challenge--rather than shying away. We try always to let the energy guide us, and take us to where we are meant to be

All signs are leading to this point. We are driven by the conviction that this is the direction, the album that will make a difference in our world, and in yours.

In a world fraught with heartache and fear, our mission is to break through the clutter--shift the paradigm--with love, positivity, and hope. By sharing ourselves-- with every written lyric, key, riff and note--we aspire to create a higher vibration, and through our actions demonstrate the change we desire in our world.

Thank you for your trust in us. Your belief in us, and our dream to produce Give Myself to the World as a full album. We are forever grateful to you for your support and for "singing along here together."

Peace n' Love,

Daring Greatly