VIDEO: LIVING GREATLY — Episode 07 — April 2019

LIVING GREATLY — Episode 07 reveals a deeper backstory of the band’s current and future projects throughout the month of April. Daring Greatly released there newest single, “Old Man” to the digital world—dedicating the release to Vaughn Coale, AKA “Bud,” the old man that changed the band’s life 3 years ago, when he and his wife, Diane Coale accepted them into their Oceanside home, and welcomed Daring Greatly to the beautiful music community in Southern California. The episodes highlights this beautiful mans personality and the youthful spirit that keeps him alive. 

Episode 07 also take you behind the scenes during the launch party of the Rock n’ Soul Summit Festival, hosted at Trilogy Sanctuary. This tranquil setting also made for a beautiful opportunity to film scenes for the upcoming music video for “Give Myself To The World.” The event was created to help raise awareness for the festival and to sell tickets! Please visit for more information!

It is worth mentioning that this episode also features snippets of our drummer, Brayden Tario singing lead vocals on stage for the first time ever during his 25 birthday celebration at Club Bud! He performed a cover of City and Colour’s “Harder Than Stone.”

Lastly, Daring Greatly played for the third time at the Historic Mission Theatre in Fallbrook for the Ray of Sunshine Benefit Concert on April 13th. The fundraiser didn’t raise much money unfortunately. Tickets were priced much higher than normal , and Daring Greatly performed at the Theatre 3 weeks before.  Even still, the boys put there heart and soul into this performance, for a good cause, and left with some new fans!