VIDEO: Living Greatly Episode 03 – “New Heights”

Episode: 03 is all about change and progress, achieving bigger goals and recognizing the people that helped us get to new heights.

Nearly 3 years ago, the Croome brothers (Patch and Liam), their dad (Dail) together with their two best friends (Brayden and Brandon) headed to California to chase a dream. A really big dream. They took a huge risk-packed up what they needed, quit all their jobs, sold everything else and headed south and looked to start fresh in a new city. In a tiny trailer in the California sun, it started to come together. They wrote and wrote—music and lyrics (and a few emails home). They wrote on the beach, in the sun, in a boat and in a smelly trailer. For months, they sang and kept singing in bars, and pubs, private homes, golf clubs and wineries. Then they were dubbed “The hardest working band in San Diego” by Boogie Magazine. They would soon met a couple that would support their mission and their goals, and change their lives forever. Bud (Vaughn) and Diane Coale have been key pieces in keeping this dream alive in Southern California. It was during this time that the Daring Greatly sound came alive… Episode: 03 of Living Greatly recognizes the kindness, and generous traits that they possess, together, to make this all happen. Not only did they support the bands living, but the music all together, and the community of amazing people that came from that. The next chapter is #muSICHouse – 2019, get ready for the biggest year of our lives!