FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Daring Greatly partners with independent record label

Photo by Mike Reardon // Daring Greatly – 11.13.2018 – California

Photo by Mike Reardon // Daring Greatly – 11.13.2018 – California

Daring Greatly partners with independent record label, envisions new business model for the music industry.

ENCINITAS, CA – DECEMBER 3, 2018 – Canadian hippie-rock band Daring Greatly has entered into a new partnership with muSIC House – a cooperatively owned independent record label looking to put the art back into the music, in partnership with the artists.

Cooperative ownership, and complete artist control has been part of the band’s philosophy since forming just over 5 years ago. “The current music industry model does not align with us and our vision,” says Dail Croome, who plays bass, sings, and is the father of 2 adult sons who also play in the band. “The big music labels keep the profits for themselves and control all the decisions. We have seen it suck the heart and soul out of artists and the art over the past few decades,” Dail continued.

Clearly, Dail and his boys aren’t the only ones who share this thought.

“Music is at a crossroads,” says Angus Wilson, president and co-founder of muSIC House (Socially Intelligent Collective) created in 2016 in Encinitas, California, “Popular music is formulaic and tired, created for mass consumption. A generation of musicians exists who desire to rediscover the art and power behind music, and they have set out on their own as independent artists.”

Daring Greatly is one of these independent groups – originally from Calgary, Alberta – have made a living touring Canada and the United States for the last 4 years. Fronted by bassist Dail Croome and his adult sons, acoustic guitarist Patrick Croome and keyboardist Liam Croome that’s rounded out by drummer Brayden Tario and guitarist Brandon Haddow. Together, they write and sing, forming a 5-part “blood harmony” that creates their unique hippie-rock style, blended with a simple and loving message to be free and courageous, and to step outside the norms of traditional thinking. They have released 2 full-length albums; ‘Cornerstones’ (2016) and ‘Works of Art’ (2017) and ambassadors and partial owners with muSIC House.

“I had heard about this band a couple years ago actually,” Angus explained, “I was stunned to hear that they happened to be from my hometown, Calgary. Our paths and ideas immediately aligned and we were speaking a lot of the same language.”

The official launch party is scheduled at the Belly Up in Solana Beach, CA on Wednesday January 16 with muSIC House artists; Daring Greatly, Miss Violette, Monique Benabou and Adam Roa headlining the show. Tickets can be purchased at Belly Up or online at

Daring Greatly and muSIC House also plan to announce the new partnership to their hometown friends and family in Calgary when they perform at Ironwood Stage and Grill on January 4th 2019. Reservations can be made by calling the Ironwood at 403-269-5581. 

muSIC House: Socially Intelligent Collective, created in 2016 in Encinitas, California, is devoted to empowering musicians to build sustainable careers while transforming the outdated music industry model into a music “ecosystem” based on authenticity, integrity, and sustainability using an advanced mobile platform that is built with community support, gamified learning, and engagement tools.