Fundraiser Update #1 — Over $4,000 raised in just 21 days, Give Myself To The World Single Now Available on all Platforms

Hello everyone, it brings us great pleasure to announce and share with all of you that we have successfully launched our brand new single, “Give Myself to the World,” to the world! The single is now available on all platforms (ie: Spotify, Apple Music / iTunes, CD Baby, Etc), so click here to pick your poison! Alternatively, if you have already made your pledge in the #GiveMyselfToTheWorldAlbumFund — you will have already received your download link for the song! Get listening, and please add our music to your playlists!


Daring Greatly on Channel 9, KUSI News — Good Morning San Diego to promote their new single, “Give Myself to the World.” Watch the full segment HERE

For our pledgers… You truly are AMAZING! Your donations have generated nearly 14% of our total goal in just 21 days!  We are encouraged that our overall goal of $33,000--to bring you new, original music and the excitement of not only a CD, but a fully-rich vinyl edition-- is definitely within reach. 

How do we possibly begin to express the respect and gratitude to those who so strongly believe in us, our music, our dreams?   The words, "thank you," seem scarcely big enough. The place you hold on our hearts is IMMENSE. 

We want to openly recognize those beautiful souls who have already stepped forward to kick off our fan-fund toward the Spring 2020 release of our third-in-progress album "Give Myself to the World."

Your support is the wind under our collective wings, driving us ever higher to write and create for you.  💫

Our endless thanks to our 17 fund supporters to date: 

Cindy Adra, Amy Baldwin, errence Blahey, Teri Boyle, Patricia Cadwallader, Connie George, James & Shawn Geron, Mary Shook-Grossberg, Laurel Madden, Casey Massey, Melinda Miller, Susan Miller, Stella Orzech, Jean Roberts, Wanda and Denis Tario, Kimberly Kole, Derek Proudian

Love you always, 💖💖💖

Daring Greatly

Special Offering — "Give Myself To The World" Original Artwork on 24" x 24" Canvas

Enter to WIN the original 24” x 24” single artwork for “Give Myself to the World,” completed by Georgina Hawitt.

One (1) $10.00 purchase is good for one raffle entry into the draw. To enter more than once, you can adjust quantity below, or in the checkout page. There is no limit to raffle ticket purchases.

The draw will be held on Tuesday October 22nd, 2019 11:59pm

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