Fundraiser Update #2 — 40% of total goal reached, 47 days remaining, recording process underway

It’s been over 2 months since we launched #GiveMyselfToTheWorldAlbumFund, and this week we are proud to report that we have reached over 40% of the total funding for the campaign. The pledge money that has been coming in so far has not only enabled us to begin recording new music for the album, but we have been reinvesting those dollars back into our merchandise items so that we will be able to ship those goodies to you by Spring 2020. Again, we are heartened to know that our overall goal of $33,000--to bring you new, original music and the excitement of not only a CD, but a fully-rich vinyl edition-- is certainly within reach. 

Through October 17th-18th, we ventured up to Los Angeles to record a track that we have been working on for the past several months titled, “A New Kind of High.” This track has already become a DG fan favourite—previously known as “Da-Da-Da” because the lyrics were not completely written and it had not been given an official title. If you’ve seen our live performances recently, you’ll recognize the song because we have regularly opened our shows with it. If you follow us, you already know that we often use our bar/pop-up shows as practice to perfect certain parts before the recording process begins. These are fun-times and we are more than happy to share this process with you!

We want to openly recognize those beautiful souls who have stepped forward to kick off our fan-fund toward the Spring 2020 release of our third-in-progress album "Give Myself to the World."

Your support is the wind under our collective wings, driving us ever higher to write and create for you.  💫

Our endless thanks to our 22 fund supporters to date: 

Cindy Adra, Amy Baldwin, Terrence Blahey, Teri Boyle, Patricia Cadwallader, Connie George, James & Shawn Geron, Mary Shook-Grossberg, Laurel Madden, Casey Massey, Melinda Miller, Susan Miller, Stella Orzech, Jean Roberts, Wanda and Denis Tario, Kimberly Kole, Derek Proudian, Christopher Carmichael, Kerstin Starr, Kimberly Kaminski, Glenda Williams, Kathleen McCabe

Much love, 💖💖💖

Daring Greatly